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NameFailon ngayon August 19, 2017 HD
GenreFailon ngayon

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Join veteran newscaster Ted Failon as he covers the most controversial topics and poses the hard questions to all the hottest personalities of the week – whether they are politicians, member of government, or those in private and public agencies – all in the pursuit of the truth. Listen not only to his critiques and hard hitting commentaries about the latest events and issues but also engage the Philippine public in a forum where their voices and points of view can be heard and their problems can be addressed. And afterwards, listen to him feature extraordinary stories involving ordinary Filipinos whose heroism and the peculiarity of their circumstances will surely entertain you. No topic is too heavy or mundane for Ted Failon

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 [url=/pinoy_teleserye/abs_cbn_news/failon_ngayon/failon_ngayon_august_19_2017_hd/10-1-0-4966]Failon ngayon August 19, 2017 HD[/url]

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<a href="/pinoy_teleserye/abs_cbn_news/failon_ngayon/failon_ngayon_august_19_2017_hd/10-1-0-4966">Failon ngayon August 19, 2017 HD</a>

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